#MUSTREAD : US falls below FRANCE in global 'personal freedom' rankings | Jean Boulle Luxury | Scoop.it
The United States has plummeted 13 places on a global index of 'personal freedom' since President Barack Obama's second year in office, according to a London-based think tank, landing behind 20 other countries.

The Legatum Prosperity Index surveys people worldwide on their perceptions of a wide range of factors including health and education. The U.S. placed first globally in the health category, but Americans' view of how their personal liberties are treated put the nation in 21st place.

Four years ago, America ranked ninth in that category, based on polling conducted during 2009 – President Barack Obama's first year in office.

Residents of France, Costa Rica and the UK now believe they enjoy greater freedom than what Americans perceive they have themselves.

Via French-News-Online.com