Animal Rights Campaigners Take First Step to Banning Bullfighting in France - Breitbart | Jean Boulle Luxury |

France has cut bullfighting from its cultural heritage list after pressure from animal rights activists.

Although bullfighting is better associated with neighbouring Spain, certain towns in southern France also have a tradition of the sport, known as “La Corrida” in French.

France added La Corrida to its list of “intangible heritage” back in 2011 but removed any mention of it from their website after outrage from animal rights activists. Its inclusion on the list could have seen it listed for protection by UNESCO.

Animal activists wanted it struck off the list entirely, but a court has now ruled that its removal from the website means it has effectively been dropped by the government. Roger Lahaha of anti-bullfighting group CRAC Europe said the decision was “an immense victory”.

“It is one more step towards the abolition of a barbarism that belongs to another age,” he said.