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Kenya - Will the Pope be Able to Spot the Corrupt one?

Last night, president Uhuru Kenyatta announced a cabinet reshuffle, ostensibly in response to a series of corruption allegations that have created a sense of national crisis in the country.
Among the changes he made was the firing of cabinet secretaries suspended earlier in the year for charges of graft. The decision follows a speech on Monday in which he declared corruption a national security problem. “The bribe accepted by an official can lead to successful terrorist attacks that kill Kenyans,” he said.
Analysts are skeptical, however, the reorganization will significantly improve the situation. “The reshuffle does not signal any changes in policy, nor will it placate domestic and international criticism over the rampant corruption that has plagued the Kenyatta administration,” Ahmed Salim, senior analyst at Teneo Intelligence, said in a note to investors.