Australia shields 'corruption' by current, former Presidents Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia PM - WHY? | Jean Boulle Luxury |

'The gag order prohibits reporting about any person involved in the RBS case who "received or attempted to receive a bribe or improper payment, acquiesced in or was wilfully blind as to any person receiving or attempting to receive a bribe or improper payment, or was the intended or proposed recipient of a bribe or improper payment."

The court ordered Bird's affidavit "to be sealed in an envelope marked 'Not to be opened without an order of the court,' and not be opened without order of the court."

The suppression bans reporting abut 17 individuals, including

"any current or former Prime Minister of Malaysia"

“Truong Tan San, currently President of Vietnam"

"Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (also known as SBY), currently President of Indonesia (since 2004)"

"Megawati Sukarnoputri (also known as Mega), a former President of Indonesia (2001–2004) and current leader of the PDI-P political party"'

and 14 other senior officials and relatives from those countries, who specifically may not be named in connection with the corruption investigation.