Lula da Silva's 'fund-raiser' Dirceu again involved: this time with Petrobras | Jean Boulle Luxury |
Dirceu, popular former President Lula da Silva's chief of staff between 2003 and 2005, was already under house arrest for running a vote-buying scheme. His involvement in an even larger scandal threatens to bring the investigation closer to Lula and his protégé and successor President Dilma Rousseff.
Federal prosecutor Carlos Fernando dos Santos Lima called Dirceu a key instigator of the Petrobras scandal, saying he took bribes from contractors while in office and continued to receive payments even when he was jailed in late 2013 for the vote-buying scandal ('mensalao') in Lula's first term.
Lima said neither Lula nor Rousseff are currently targets of the widening probe, but added during a press conference: “No one is exempt from investigation.”