By design, Investors Europe is an execution-only stock broker so it can never have a conflict of interest with clients | Jean Boulle Luxury |

'Investors Europe Gibraltar was founded in 2001 as an execution-only stock broker providing institutions, professionals and individuals online trading access to global stock markets via a superior selection of online trading platforms. In January 2013, the Investors Europe Brand was extended from the EU to Asia with the Licencing of Investors Europe by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission and the Mauritius company became the Parent Company of Investors Europe Gibraltar after having received the due approval of the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission and the Mauritius Financial Services Commission.In today's fast changing fiscal climate, Investors Europe Gibraltar further enhances the privacy of clients by acting purely as an introducing broker to its Parent Company, Investors Europe Mauritius.In turn and, by design, Investors Europe Mauritius is an execution-only stock broker so that it can never have a conflict of interest with its clients. It thereby offers the very highest levels of client protection possible because in addition to working with its MiFID designated client portfolios in segregated, individually margined trading accounts, it holds client assets in the UK rather than in the euro area.The Board of Directors of Investors Europe Mauritius believes that the UK offers the highest levels of overall protection to its underlying clients under the UK'sInvestor Protection Scheme than would be the case with euro area countries, post Cyprus.When this advantage is allied to the privacy provided by nominee tradingaccounts, it is a winner.